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About Giulietta Designs

Julie Kemble of Giulietta Designs"My jewellery is not for the faint of heart" says Juliet Kemble with a knowing smile when asked to describe her distinctive body adornments. Using semi-precious stones, assorted natural materials and metals, and organic shapes she creates ornate pieces that weave together stories reminiscent of ancient cities, mystery and romance.


Now working under the name of Giulietta Designs, Juliet graduated from art school with a major in fabric art in the 1970s. During the 70s and 80s she established herself as a successful designer and fabricator of large painted silk wall hangings, fabric banners and three dimensional architectural pieces. These works reflected an early artistic vision that combined an unpretentious sense of design and composition together with a passionate use of color and an intuitive sense of play with decorative, figurative and natural shapes. Her fabric constructions have appeared in exhibitions, collections, and publications in Canada and the US.


Today, with several years behind her raising a family, completing an MA in communication and working as an educator, Juliet reignites her artistic vision by designing highly textured jewellery characterized by bold colours, strong design and playful composition that evokes the mood of her earlier work and is inspired by her frequent travels to faraway and exotic places.


Intended for confident women with an eye for jewellery that transcends fashion trends, Giulietta Designs shout out to anyone searching for statement pieces that reflect a fearless heart and a spirit for adventure.