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Inner Sanctum Series

A bold, courageous life is large, irregular, asymmetrical and colorful. These same characteristics can be used to describe my new collection of textured, mixed metal sculptures and body adornments.

Each sculpture combines sterling silver, copper and brass and is carefully hand crafted to incorporate found treasures, moveable parts and detachable jewellery components. These unique pieces represent timeless and mysterious talismans reminiscent of far away and exotic places.

CDN prices vary depending on design, found materials and metal weight. Custom orders are welcome. Contact the artist for more information.

Hinged, mixed metal tryptich with labradorite and rubies Hinged, mixed metal tryptich with detachable moonstone necklace & earrings. Hinged, mixed metal triptych with detachable hand carved, fossilized walrus tusk pendant with treasure box